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Welcome to The Paint Farm, your go-to destination for breathing life back into classic and beloved vehicles. With our established reputation in the automotive paint and bodywork industry, we take pride in our expert ability to revitalise and restore. Whether it's the nostalgic charm of the old, weathered and rusty, or the unique allure of Jeeps with their inherent quirks, we revel in the challenge and craftsmanship it takes to create that perfect blend of originality and modern appeal.

Our story began half a decade ago with a love for Jeeps

and a persistent issue - finding a trustworthy shop that

could fulfil our exacting standards. The solution? We took matters into our own hands. From the confines of a humble garage, our founder Jeff started this odyssey. He adored the characteristic peculiarities of Jeeps - the not-so-straight body panels, the distinctive pinch welds, and the other idiosyncrasies. He realized that producing a superior paint job while preserving these unique attributes was an intricate balancing act - one he was ready to master.

Jeff's passion, complemented by his exacting eye for detail, led to the expansion of The Paint Farm into a four-car garage operation. Today, he personally oversees every project, meticulously perfecting every spray of color. We've grown our team, adding Jon, who brings his exceptional management skills to supervise staff and production. We also have Perry, our rust wizard, a lifelong welder with an astounding aptitude for sheet metal fabrication and rust repair.

In our continuous pursuit of growth, we're excited to announce our upcoming relocation in January. With additional space, new paint booths, and a dedicated building, we'll be extending our restoration services to a broader range of classic cars, trucks, jeeps and more. Our mission remains constant – to bridge the gap in the automotive paint and bodywork world.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Keep an eye on our platform for regular updates featuring past, present, and future projects. If you, or someone you know, has a passion for cars and is seeking exceptional rust repair, comprehensive bodywork, touch-ups, or simply wishes to preserve a well-earned patina, please reach out.

Thank you for your continued support.

​​The Paint Farm is clearly at the intersection of passion and dreams,

Where Restoration Borders on Obsession.

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